Pine Top Farm, Thomson, Georgia

Pine Top Farm
Equestrian Center
Thomson, Georgia

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Pine Top Farm, managed by Janet, Glenn, and Robert Alan Wilson, is an 8th-generation family farm located in east-central Georgia. The land was a British land grant to Thomas Watson in 1770. Norma Watson, 6th generation owner, was one of his descendants. She married James Wilson Sr, whose forebears also settled in this area about 1770. Pine Top is a Georgia Centennial Family Farm, and it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Pine Top is one of the USA's premier eventing (nee combined training) sites. Its gently rolling fields consist of stone-less, clay-less, well-drained sandy loam soil. Furthermore, the soil supports thick, deep-rooted turfgrass. The soil is naturally well-drained, and the owners' lifelong familiarity with the land has guided grading work in key spots to handle excess runoff from heavy rains. The result is a combination of footing, turf and drainage that can withstand heavy rain and still provide good going.

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